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Apple Today - 10/09/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • October 9th 2015 09:29:53 AM

Good Morning,

Happy Friday. NASDAQ Futures are up 6 with +11 Fair Value, Dow Futures are up 40 as this week draws to a close, with the theme appearing to be "up". Asian markets closed in the green by around 1%. Markets in Europe are also currently up around 1%, on average. Oil is up nearly 2%, finally pushing back up into the 50s, and gold is also up around 1%. Zinc and copper prices are up on Glencore. One exception to this green streak is Alcoa (AA), which is currently down around 3% in pre-market on an earnings miss after reporting yesterday afternoon, and was further down in after-hours yesterday. Netflix is increasing its standard streaming service by $1/month to $9.99 for new customers in the U.S., Canada, and parts of Latin America. IDC reports PC sales dropped sharply again.

AAPL had a rough start yesterday selling off hard even after a relatively promising pre-market. AAPL began intra-day at 110.14 and dropped off pretty quickly. Within an hour, AAPL was down to 108.5 on heavy volume, bouncing temporarily to 109 before taking another whack during the "lower human volume" lunch hour and hitting the intra-day low of 108.21on moderate volume. After we "got that out of the way", AAPL saw optimistic recovery for the rest of the afternoon, gaining back up to a peak of 110.05 by 3:16pm on moderately high volume before settling back down to the 109.5 area, where AAPL ended intra-day at 109.5. After-hours was basically uneventful and in a tight range, with AAPL losing a nickle and officially closing the extended day at 109.45.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened down slightly, picking up the trend where after-hours left off, but as Futures perked up, so did AAPL. By 7:40am, AAPL was 110.07 on high volume and has hovered near 110 since. At 8:02am AAPL dipped slightly to 109.8 on high volume, with the institutional trade apparently delayed by 2 minutes. AAPL is currently up 45 cents at 109.95.

Classic max-pain is 110. Today is OPEX.

Gold up on Fed:

Zinc, copper up on Glencore:

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Today's Economic Calendar:
8:30 Import/Export Prices
9:15 Fed's Lockhart: Monetary Policy
10:00 Wholesale Trade
1:30 PM Fed's Evans: U.S. Economy and Monetary policy

Notable earnings on Monday before the open: WMS, KMG

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