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Apple Today - 10/23/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • October 23rd 2015 09:26:51 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are up 67 with +127 Fair Value (I've never seen such a positive difference in Fair Value before), Dow Futures are up 165 on the earnings trifecta of Google-Amazon-Microsoft on this OPEX. Asian markets closed up sharply on Friday, due in part to China cutting key interest rates again. China closed up 1.30%, Hong Kong was up 1.34% and Japan gained 2.11%. European markets are also currently up with Germany in the lead at near 3%, France not far behind at over 2.5% and the UK just under 1.5%. Oil is up over half a percent in pre-market, natural gas is down twice as much. Gold is up approximately 1%. Alphabet (GOOGL) reported strong earnings results yesterday afternoon due in part to mobile and YouTube and is up over 10% in pre-market. Amazon (AMZN) also impressed yesterday and is up nearly 10% in early trading. Microsoft (MSFT) completes the trifecta and is also up nearly 10% as we head into this OPEX open.

It was a "big green Apple" yesterday, with AAPL gaining over 1.5% to end the day at the absolute high of 115.5. Yesterday's pre-market showed promise with AAPL opening up higher and as we began the day the 115 from Wednesday was quickly reclaimed on moderate volume. A brief late morning dip took AAPL as low as 114.1 on high volume at 11:38am before recovering to 115 by early afternoon. Another mid-afternoon dip took AAPL towards 114.5 before a strong push towards the end of the day over 115 and an even stronger 115.5 close. When earnings starting rolling in in after-hours, it didn't take long for AAPL to claim 116 on high volume, and then drift even further up to end the after-hours session up $1 at 116.5.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened at 116 and inched up to 116.17 four minutes later on relatively high volume. AAPL hovered in the low 116 area until 7:16am when it suddenly launched up (in with Futures), hitting a peak of 117.29 by 7:30am on extremely high volume. Since, AAPL has been trying to hold on to the 117 area. AAPL is currently up 1.38 cents at 116.85.

Classic max-pain is 113. Today is OPEX.

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9:45 PMI Manufacturing Index Flash

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