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Apple Today - 11/27/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • November 27th 2015 09:34:34 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are up 13 with +18 Fair Value, Dow Futures are down 7 on this short day after Thanksgiving.

Asian markets ended lower. China closed down a stunning 5.48% after authorities disclosed investigations into several major brokerages over suspected trading violations. Hong Kong fared somewhat better, down 1.87% and Japan was barely down by comparison at 0.30%. European markets are mixed with France leading at 0.22%, Germany up slightly at 0.04% and UK is the laggard but only down by 0.19%. Commodities are all currently down pre-market. Oil is down nearly 2%, natural gas is down over 2.5% and gold is down over 1%.

This morning, Chinese social networking company Renren (RENN) reported earnings and is currently down 4% in pre-market. As a reminder, the markets are closing early at 1pm to continue the Thanksgiving cheer and get a head start on the busy holiday shopping weekend.

AAPL had a down day on Wednesday, losing 0.72%. Pre-market on Wednesday looked promising with AAPL pushing up above 119. On open, AAPL hit 119.23 and immediately sold down to 118.5 on low volume. AAPL spent the morning in the low-118 area, managing to stay afloat above 118 and seemed to show some interest in recovery towards the afternoon with a grasp at 118.5 at 2:32pm on low volume. AAPL began to weaken further in the last half-hour of intra-day trading and dropped to the day's low of 117.92 at 3:56pm, just minutes before the bell. AAPL closed the intra-day session down 85 cents at 118.03 and traded in a fairly narrow range in after-hours, ultimately gaining 6 cents to close the after-hours session at 118.09.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL picked up where it left off before the holiday and saw some steady gains. By 6am, AAPL reclaimed 118.25 on moderate volume and after that AAPL peaked at 118.61 near 8am before drifting back below 118.5. AAPL is currently up 37 cents to 118.4.

Classic max-pain is 118. The markets are closing early at 1pm.

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Today's Economic Calendar:
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Notable earnings on Monday before the open: ACTS, NPSNY

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