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Apple Today - 1/15/2016 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • January 15th 2016 10:46:03 AM

Good Morning,

Party foul? NASDAQ Futures are down 85 with -91 Fair Value, Dow Futures are down 307 on this first Friday monthly OPEX of 2016, with much economic data expected. Futures were down earlier in conjunction with a renewed beating in Chinese markets and took a turn for the worse at 4am.

Asian markets declined harshly today. China sunk 3.55%, Hong Kong dropped 1.50% and Japan ended down 0.54%. European markets are down sharply again today. The UK is leading the decline, currently down 1.63%, Germany is down 1.57% and France is down 1.62%.

Commodities are mostly down this morning. Oil is currently down 5.8%, natural gas is down 0.42% and gold is up 1.36%. Unleaded gas is down 3.33% and heating oil is down 2.92%. Metals are mixed with gold and silver up and platinum and copper down. Meat is mostly down. Coffee, cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat are all also down but cocoa is up.

Global markets slide while oil falls below $30 a barrel. US retail sales, industrial output data "point to" softer growth and US producer prices fell 0.2 percent in December reflecting drop in energy prices.

Microchip manufacturer Intel Corporation (INTC) tumbled yesterday afternoon after reporting earnings and is currently down 6.5% in a crushing blow to tech. The "financial boys" didn't fare too much better with Citigroup (C) falling 3.59% after reporting this morning, U.S. Bancorp (USB) dropping 2.66% and Wells Fargo currently in the red by 3.95%, though some of the "pain" can be attributed to the crushing Futures and broader market selloff this morning.

Tuesday morning before the bell, Delta Air Lines (DAL) and Unilever (UL) are expected to report.

AAPL had a bouncy day yesterday, ultimately gaining 2.19%. AAPL opened in the green at 97.9 to high volume, then took a rapid slide on huge volume down to a low of the day of 95.74 at 10:04am on high volume where it bounced back nearly as quickly. In 30 minutes AAPL was green again and AAPL jumped up strong for most of the afternoon on moderate volume, eventually regaining 98, 99 and 100. AAPL hit the arc peak at 100.48 at 3:16pm on modest volume and slipped back below 100 in the last half hour of intra-day trading on higher volume. AAPL ended up shy of 100, down 2.13 to 99.52. In after-hours, AAPL lost an additional 27 cents in sympathy with INTC to end up at 99.25.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened up lower at 98.15 in conjunction with Futures on low volume. Soon after, under worsening conditions, AAPL was pulled down to 97 on higher volume where it struggled but managed to stay above 97. At 7am, AAPL overcame gravity and subsequently bounced up into the upper 97-area on higher volume until 8:30am when economic data was released. AAPL quickly broke below 97 on extraordinary volume and continued on a dip below 96 to a pre-market low of 95.53 on more high volume moments before the open. AAPL is currently down a stunning 3.54 at 95.98.

Classic max-pain is 105. Today is OPEX. The market is closed on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Have a good long weekend with your friends and family.

Global markets slide while oil falls below $30 a barrel:

US producer prices fell 0.2 percent in December:

Asia shares hit 3-1/2-year lows:

Oil falls:

US retail sales, industrial output data "point to" softer growth:

Goldman US mortgage settlement to cost $5.1 billion:

GE to sell appliances unit to China's Haier for $5.4 billion:

Walmart will close 269 stores this year, affecting 16k workers:

Citigroup earnings beat estimates:

Wells Fargo Q4:

Intel's future:

iOS 9.3 beta does it right:

Apple's malware-blocking Gatekeeper still has weaknesses:

Next Apple Watch band may be a "transformer":

Samsung copying Apple's Live Photos with Galaxy S7?

Chilly "bug" in Nest thermostat?

The self-driving race:

Foursquare raises $45 Million, cuts valuation almost in half:

Netflix fighting back against VPNs:

Windows 10 on Lumia 535:

Yahoo releases free 13.5TB data for researching:,2817,2497958,00.asp

Skype completes translator rollout:,2817,2497962,00.asp

Facebook is developing their own Android app store:

Fujifilm new X-Pro2 review:

Tim Peake on historic spacewalk:

The brightest supernova ever seen:

Jupiter probe record:

Are Europe's orca whales at risk of extinction?

Ancient mammoth hunt discovery:

"Hobbit" gets a neighbor:

Meet Titanosaur!

French drug trial leaves one brain dead, five injured:

Sleep fragmentation linked to damage to brain blood vessels:

Stem cell molecular signals identified:

Chipotle to briefly close every store for employee meeting:

Chimpanzees form trusting friendships:

Pregnant? Don't travel:

Today's Economic Calendar:
8:30 Producer Price Index
8:30 Retail Sales
8:30 Empire State Mfg Survey
9:15 Industrial Production
10:00 Business Inventories
10:00 Reuters/UofM Consumer Sentiment
1:00 PM Baker-Hughes Rig Count

Notable earnings on Tuesday morning before the bell: *DAL*, EDU, OMN, *UL*

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