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Apple Today - 3/21/2016 Event (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • March 21st 2016 11:11:50 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are down 4 with -10 Fair Value, S&P Futures are down 2 with -5 Fair Value and Dow Futures are down 14 as we await to be looped into Apple's event at 1pm. Futures started off sour, got an uplift at 4am only to settle down later in the morning and now are currently red again as we head into the open.

Asian markets closed up today. China gained 2.15%, Hong Kong ended up 0.06% while Japan is closed. European markets are down today. The UK is currently down 0.29%, Germany is down 0.02% and France is down 0.19%.

Commodities are mixed this morning. Oil is down 0.12%, natural gas is down 1.94% and gold is down 0.67%. Unleaded gas is up 1.05% and heating oil is up 0.44%. Metals are mixed. Meat is mostly down. Cocoa, cotton, corn, wheat and are up while coffee and soybeans are down.

Global stocks edge up as Fed outlook, China gains, trump oil slip. Global stocks post longest gain streak in two years as dollar firms. Fed's Lacker confident inflation to rebound to 2% target. Global market volatility falls to 2-month low.

This afternoon after the bell, look for earnings from NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ).

Tomorrow, G-III Apparel Group, LTD. (GIII) is expected to report.

AAPL had a strong week, up 3.58%. On Monday, AAPL was hanging around the 102-area on very low volume, then blasted up into the 105-area with higher volume on Tuesday on notes from Morgan Stanley and UBS. AAPL kept the momentum going on Wednesday, reaching above 106. Despite comments from JBL on "mobile weakness", AAPL held up on Thursday and on Friday AAPL opened at 106.48 to high volume, immediately hit a high of 106.50 and dipped below 106 on moderate volume. After testing the mid-105 area just before 10am on moderate volume, AAPL struggled to hold green and made a fair attempt to get past 106 on low volume, reaching the low-106 area at 11:20am. Afterwards, AAPL returned to the upper-105 area and took a brief dip to 105.19 at 1:40pm on moderate volume before recovering green and ending the day up 12 cents at 105.92. AAPL gave up 15 cents in after-hours to 105.77.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL picked up with Friday's after-hours and quickly recovered 106, then went on to set a pre-market high of 106.30 before settling back towards the upper-105 area and then making another attempt above 106. AAPL is currently up 12 cents at 106.04 as we approach the open and the event this afternoon.

Classic max-pain is 102. Apple's March event begins at 1pm.

Global stocks edge up as Fed outlook, China gains, trump oil slip:

Global stocks post longest gain streak in two years as dollar firms:

Global market volatility falls to 2-month low:

Fed's Lacker confident inflation to rebound to 2% target:

Coal’s future grows murkier as banks pull financing:

Brexit would "cause serious shock":

China banking regulator tells lenders to rein in risks:

Australian stock exchange CEO quits amid bribe investigation:

Alibaba annual transaction volumes cross 3 trillion yuan, growth slows:

Micron Technology’s outlook overshadowed by risk:

Apple's online store closes in advance of iPhone event:

Smaller iPhone expected Monday as Apple counters drop in phone sales:

Microsoft execs regret dancing "schoolgirls" at GDC:

275 million Android devices vulnerable to new 15 second hack:

Google rushes out emergency fix:

What does Google know about you?

Update your Kindle!

A beginner's guide to buying a VR headset:

Twitter turns 10:

Tesla details the process for reserving a Model 3:

Fed warns beware of cyber car hacks:

MIT wants to eliminate traffic lights:

Is Google's "falling out of love" with robots a warning to other R&D projects?

2 comets to zip past Earth:

Astronomers spot the Universe's most "eccentric" planet yet:

A record number of Americans are now blaming humans for climate change:

Australia scientists alarmed at new Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching:

Meet the Tully monster:

Early bear activity prompts advice to remove bird feeders:

China Shandong illegal vaccine scandal sparks anger:

Autism study reveals reasons for shorter lifespans:

These cities are at greatest risk of Zika:

Memories in early Alzheimer's may be retrievable:

Today's Economic Calendar:
2:45 Fed's Lacker: Central bankers outlook
8:30 Chicago Fed National Activity Index
10:00 Existing Home Sales
12:30 PM Fed's Lockhart speech
8:30 PM Fed's Bullard: Economic Outlook

Notable earnings after today's close: CCIH, FLL, LEU, MFRM, *NQ*, YY

And tomorrow before the open: AIR, EIHDF, ESLT, EVOTF, *GIII*, GLMD, IDN, UUGRY, WOSCF

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