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Apple Today - 8/22/2016 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • August 22nd 2016 09:29:57 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are down 9 with -7 Fair Value, S&P Futures are down 5 with -4 Fair Value and Dow Futures are down 48 as we begin another August week with a day light on economic data and few earnings. Futures were down in early morning and reached lows shortly after 3am before bouncing up into the green, peaking just after 5am and just as quickly slipping back into negative territory, now at the lows as we approach the open.

Asian markets ended mixed. China dropped 0.75%, Hong Kong went up 0.26% and Japan gained 0.32%. European markets are down. The UK is down 0.50%, France is down 0.39% and the Germany is leading the decline, down 0.68%.

Commodities are mixed this morning. Oil is down 2.63%, natural gas is up 2.48% and gold is down 0.43%. Unleaded gas is down 2.54% and heating oil is down 2.13%. Metals are down except platinum. Meat is mixed. Coffee and soybeans are up while cocoa, cotton, corn and wheat are down.

UK stocks decline for 2nd day as miners slide on strong dollar. Pfizer to buy cancer drug firm Medivation for $14bn.

This afternoon after the bell, look out for earnings from NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ) and ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. (IMUC).

Tomorrow morning before the open, J. M. Smucker Company (SJM), Toll Brothers Inc. (TOL), Best Buy Co. (BBY), Trina Solar Limited (TSL) and Kirkland's, Inc. (KIRK) are expected to report.

AAPL had a positive week, touched 110 and gained 1.09% overall on low volume. On Monday, AAPL tipped the scales up from the low-108 area to the mid-109 area on low volume. On Tuesday, AAPL broke above 110 early on then sunk to the mid-109 area on average volume. On Wednesday, AAPL started out in the low-108 area and shook off the gravity field turning back up into the mid-109 area on low volume, ending the day with a gain. On Thursday, AAPL's heartbeat pulsed in the low-109 area, ending up slightly on low volume. On Friday, AAPL gained 0.26% for OPEX on low volume. AAPL opened lower at 108.78 to high volume and quickly dipped to set an intra-day low of 108.36 at 9:48am on relatively heavy volume before sharply bouncing back up towards 109 and turning green just before 10:30am. AAPL continued on through the morning, reaching the mid-109 area within an hour and setting an intra-day high of 109.69 at 12:10pm on mild volume. After lunchtime, AAPL slipped to the low-109 area and struggled against 109 in later afternoon almost threatening to break 109 at 2:28pm on moderate volume before returning green and bouncing back above 109.25 to end the day up 28 cents at 109.36. AAPL gained 6 more cents in after-hours to end up at 109.42.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened lower at 109 and quickly popped up into the upper-109 area, setting a high of 109.79 at 6:05am on low volume before drifting back down to the low-109 area and hitting 109.07 at 8:55am among lackluster Futures. AAPL is currently down 26 cents at 109.10 as we approach the open.

Classic max-pain is 107.

UK stocks decline for 2nd day as miners slide on strong dollar:

China stocks fall most in 3 weeks on bets yuan will weaken:

Pfizer to buy cancer drug firm Medivation for $14bn:

Office Depot CEO Roland Smith retiring in 2017:

Apple acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup:

Apple iPhone 7 Pro canceled?

US banks want to cut branches, but customers keep coming:

Lyft reportedly failed to sell itself to Apple, Amazon, Google and Uber:

Californian woman sent behind bars for trying to sell US fighter jet tech to China:

Netgear's plan to solve awful Wi-Fi is a 2nd router:

PlayStation 4 Slim images leak online:

Why Google plans to stop supporting your Chromebook after 5 years:

This tree in Greece is Europe's oldest known living tree:

How to track poverty from space:

US warns Zika could spread to Gulf States, persist for 1 to 2 years:

Today's Economic Calendar:
8:30 Chicago Fed National Activity Index

Notable earnings this afternoon after the bell: PINC, NDSN, ZOES, CO, *NQ*, *IMUC*, SVA, EVAR, MQTRF

And tomorrow before the open: BMO, DAKT, *SJM*, *TOL*, AMWD, *BBY*, TOUR, *TSL*, RAVN, *KIRK*, TINY, GZT, RGS, YGE, HQCL, CNTF

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