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Apple Today - 9/23/2016 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • September 23rd 2016 09:38:15 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are down 8 with -7 Fair Value, S&P Futures are down 4 with -5 Fair Value and Dow Futures are down 17 on this OPEX Friday with a busy earnings calendar and few earnings as the market picks up after the Fed's decision earlier this week to leave rates temporarily unchanged. Yahoo is down in pre-market after announcing a massive data breach Thursday that affects at least 500 million accounts. Futures were up in early morning, peaking just after 3am and then dipped into the red, setting lows just before 4:30am and are near the lows as we approach the open.

Asian markets ended down. China went down 0.28%, Hong Kong dropped 0.31% and Japan led the decline, down 0.32%. European markets are also down. The UK is down 0.23%, Germany is down 0.45% and France is leading the decline, down 0.63%.

Commodities are mixed this morning. Oil is down 0.11%, natural gas is up 0.64% and gold is down 0.11%. Unleaded gas is down 0.31% and heating oil is up 0.21%. Metals are mixed, gold and silver are down while copper and platinum are up. Meat is mixed. Wheat is up and cocoa, coffee, cotton, corn and soybeans are down.


The Finish Line, Inc. (FINL) reported Q2 results with adjusted earnings of 55 cents per share that topped forecasts and was up over 4% in pre-market but suddenly dropped negative to nearly 0.5%.

Monday morning before the open, look out for earnings from Cal-Maine Foods Inc and Carnival Corp.

AAPL ran up through fields of green yesterday with a hint of clouds near the end of day, ending up 0.94% on low volume. AAPL opened up at 114.23 to high volume, instantly setting an intra-day low of 114 on high volume and then hugged the mid-114 line for most of the day in a relatively narrow range with periodic pops into the upper-114 area and dips into the lower-114 area. Later in the morning, AAPL went on to set an intra-day high of 114.94 at 10:34am on moderate volume, fell back to the 114.5 line and continued on with an uneventful lunchtime. In the afternoon, AAPL dipped to 114.31 at 2:36pm on low volume before bouncing back to the upper-114 area on moderate volume at 3:46pm and then selling off into the close on heavier volume. AAPL ended the day up 1.07 at 114.62 and dropped 2 cents in after-hours to 114.60.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened lower and stayed below 114.5 until after 8:30am when AAPL pepped up and spiked to a pre-market high of 114.91 at 9:07am, perhaps on news of another Samsung-on-a-plane incident (see * below) before returning to yesterday's closing price. AAPL is currently down 2 cents at 114.60 as we approach the open.

Classic max-pain is 112. Today is OPEX. Have a good weekend with your friends and family.

Saudis said to have offered to cut oil output, no deal reached:

"State hackers" stole data from 500 million Yahoo users:

Facebook "overestimated" video viewing time:

Airbnb said to raise $555m in new funding round lead by Google Capital:

UPS launches drone test flights for urgent medical deliveries:

Meet the man who may inherit the Wells Fargo mess:

Red Hat is misunderstood amid public cloud worries:

Harvard, searching for endowment manager, reports a loss:

Antiques dealers charged in illegal sale of ivory priced at $4.5 million:

Apple's Siri-based Echo rival has reportedly begun prototype testing:

Heading into its second year, the Apple Watch finds its focus:

* Samsung phone emits smoke on Indian plane mid-air, no damage:

What to do when you hate Windows 10?

Elon Musk to unveil solar roof on October 28:

Ig Nobel win for Alpine "goat man":

Satellite radar may help predict human-caused earthquakes:

This fish sings only at night:

Alien planet has 2 suns instead of 1:

"Impossible" cloud on Saturn's moon Titan may resemble Earth's ozone killers:

Path to Mars should be flexible, experts agree:

Tamoxifen OK for breast cancer patients without uterine abnormalities:

Swedish scientist may be 1st in the world to edit healthy human embryo genes:

Today's Economic Calendar:
9:45 PMI Manufacturing Index Flash
10:00 Atlanta Fed's Business Inflation Expectations
12:20 PM Regional Fed Presidents panel
12:30 PM Fed's Kaplan speech
1:00 PM Baker-Hughes Rig Count

Notable earnings this afternoon after the bell: AKP, WEBC

And on Monday before the open: *CALM*, *CCL*, MTN

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