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Apple Today 12/12/2016 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • December 12th 2016 10:49:55 AM

Good Morning,

Welcome back. S&P Futures are down 1 with -6 Fair Value, NASDAQ Futures are down 18 with -1 Fair Value and Dow Futures are up 18 on this Monday heading into an epic, historic week. Oil jumped more than 5% after Russia and other big oil producers agreed to join OPEC over the weekend in cutting their output. Last week US stocks had their best week since the election.

The economic calendar is in "calm before the storm" mode with the Treasury Budget coming up at 2pm.

Futures were flat in early morning and dipped to lows near 4am before recovering as we approach the open.

Asian markets ended mostly down. China dropped 2.47%, Hong Kong went down 1.44% and Japan gained 0.84%. European markets are also mostly down. The UK is down 0.35%, Germany is down 0.16%, and France is up 0.05%.

Commodities are mixed this morning. Oil is up 4.54%, natural gas is down 4.27% and gold is down 0.43%. Unleaded gas is up 3.97% and heating oil is up 3.54%. Metals are mixed, gold and copper are down while silver and platinum are up. Meats are mixed. Cocoa, coffee, cotton and soybeans are up while corn and wheat are down.

Dollar retreats, euro steadies as Fed nerves prevail. Oil prices jump on new output deal. Asian stocks mixed, await Fed decision.

This afternoon after the bell, look out for earnings from VeriFone Systems, Inc. (PAY).

AAPL had a strong week, ending up 3.69% on low volume. On Monday, AAPL dipped into murky waters below 108 and then reeled back up a bit, ending down 0.72% on average volume. On Tuesday, AAPL ticked up 0.77% to above 110, down to low-109 and then ran out the clock to just under 110 on low volume. On Wednesday, AAPL coat-tailed up above 111 in a hot, erupting market yesterday ending up 0.98% on very low volume. On Thursday, AAPL floated higher to above 112, ending up 0.98% on low volume. On Friday, AAPL circled the 114 moon and landed, ending up another 1.63% on average volume. AAPL opened up at 112.50 to high volume and immediately set an intra-day low of 112.31 before firing thrusters above 114 by 10:30am on moderate volume and peaking at 114.70 at 10:42am on high volume. AAPL then slipped from the highs and aimed for a 114 touchdown on low volume in the afternoon, with a dip to mid-113 at 1:20pm on moderate volume before bouncing back above 114 on low volume and then settling near 114 into the close on moderate volume. AAPL ended the day up $1.83 at 113.95 and dropped 16 cents in after-hours to 113.79.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened lower and scraped a premarket low of 112.84 on news of new Apple product delays by at least 2-3 months before recovering back up to the mid-113 area later in the morning. AAPL is currently down 37 cents at 113.58 as we approach the open.

Classic max-pain is 115.

Dollar retreats, euro steadies as Fed nerves prevail:

Oil prices jump on new output deal:

Asian stocks mixed, await Fed decision:

Venezuela pulls highest-value banknote:

After AirPods, B&H email suggests BeatsX wireless earphones also significantly delayed:

Is 2016 the year Apple stumbled?

iPhone 8 may feature touch sensors on rear panel, hints patent:

More people are switching from Macs to Microsoft Surface than ever before:

Skype's real-time translation now works for calls to mobiles and landlines:

Amazon discounts its Echo smart speaker again:

Nvidia receives approval to test self-driving tech in California, wastes no time in getting its car on the road:

AMD introduces Radeon Instinct deep learning accelerators, One Based On Vega 10,33170.html

Japan's Honda ties up with ride-hailing service Grab:

Tesla settles Norway lawsuit over car's performance:

John Grunsfeld has a plan that uses Red Dragon to return Mars rocks to Earth:

Is dust the secret to understanding Saturn's C ring?

Methane surge needs "urgent attention":

This robot wants to shake your hand:

Could monkeys talk?

First dinosaur tail found preserved in amber:

Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time, CDC data shows:

Optimistic women are less likely to die prematurely of cancer or heart disease, study says:

Be sure to get your sleep before driving:

Today's Economic Calendar:
1:00 PM Results of $24B, 3-Year Note Auction
1:00 PM Results of $20B, 10-Year Note Auction
2:00 PM Treasury Budget

Notable earnings this afternoon after the bell: LFVN, RKNEF, ASPU, PPHM, IRET, KMG, *PAY*, STRP

And tomorrow before the open: AEY, BLBD, CTWS, NWTUF

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