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Apple Today - 07/02/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • July 10th 2015 09:23:08 AM

Good Morning,

Dow Futures are up a record 208, NASDAQ Futures are +60 with +55 Fair Value (similar to yesterday) on a combination of China rebound and Greek optimism.

Another brutal day yesterday with AAPL opening higher but ultimately breaking down below 120. This morning AAPL opened up quite a bit higher than the close along with the Futures and has since been bouncing around in the mid-121 areas. AAPL is currently up 1.75 to 121.82.

Classic max pain comes in at 125.

China rebounds after intervention:

Greek deal optimism:

Analysis of AAPL performance lately:

Staingate? Really?

Pluto to be revealed:

Today's economic calendar:
10:00 Wholesale Trade
12:00 PM Janet Yellen speech

Notable earnings Monday before the open: PFNX

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