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Apple Today - 08/21/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • August 21st 2015 09:25:35 AM

Good Morning,

What a week. NASDAQ Futures are again down 22 with -38 Fair Value (rare to see it so far apart), Dow Futures are down 78 on yet another China slide of over 4% this time. Futures have been increasingly worsening as we draw closer to the open. Oil still near hovering around 40 dollars per barrel. Hewlett-Packard (HP) reported last night and is currently down nearly 2% on missing expectations and falling profits. John Deere (DE) and Foot Locker (FL) reported this morning, DE is down nearly 5% while the FL is up under 1%. There is rising tension between North and South Korea. The Dow fell below 17,000 and the S&P is now negative for the year. Twitter (TWTR) breaks its IPO price. U.S. manufacturing data is expected later this morning.

Yesterday, AAPL dropped 2% on probably what was the worst days of the year for stocks. After a brief attempt to rise after the open and hitting a high of 114.31 at 9:42am, AAPL saw a min-crash straight down to 111.82 at 10:26am on relatively high volume. After a small bounce AAPL reached 112.82 on moderate volume a half hour later before dropping to a new intra-day low of 111.77 at 11:34am on moderately high volume. AAPL spent the rest of the day slowly inching back up to 113 where it topped out at 113.2 at 3:36pm before closing the intra-day session at 112.65. After-hours dropped further and ended at 112.31.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened up at lowering conjunction with Futures at 111.91 on huge volume, made an attempt at 112 on moderately low volume, peaking at 112.06 at 5:46am on 190 shares. Since, AAPL has precipitously slid downwards with a failed moderate-volume attempt to hold on to the mid-111 area and eventually breaking into the 110s. AAPL is currently down a stunning 2.10 cents at 110.55.

Classic max-pain is now 117. Today is OPEX.

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