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Apple Today 08/26/2015 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • August 26th 2015 09:25:09 AM

Good Morning,

2nd time's a charm? NASDAQ Futures are up 103 with +117 Fair Value, Dow Futures are up 334. The early but cheerful picture is seemingly in defiance of China's recovery reversal, ending up with a selloff and in the red. Durable goods rose 2% in July.

Yesterday, AAPL opened up higher, reaching a peak of 111.15 within the first moments of trading on over 5 million shares. AAPL quickly settled in the 108 area, rose a bit and hung out at 109 until 1pm where selling took hold and AAPL was pummeled back down to 103 on high volume by close with a brief pitstop at 107-108 around 2pm. AAPL continued to slide all during after-hours and closed the session out in the low 102s on high volume.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened up significantly higher again, immediately reclaiming 105 on relatively high volume in conjunction with Futures. AAPL has since been bouncing around the 106-107 area reaching a low of 105.5 at 8:01am and a high of 107.08 at 8:41am, both on relatively moderate volume. AAPL is currently up 2.66 at 106.4.

Classic max-pain is 110 again.

China gives up early gains:

Durable goods up:,-core-orders-up-0.6-357769

Home prices on the rise, ~5%...

...and mortgage apps edge up?

Will Apple's next iPhone make a big splash?

Samsung swings again at Apple's crown:

YouTube counters Twitch:

LG launches new 4k TVs:

Amazon will get you drunk fast:

New trackpad:

One burger to rule them all:

B-b-b-b-baaaad to the bacon!

It's settled then. I found the socks:

See Mt. Ceres:

Daily aspirin may help prevent colon cancer:

Today's Economic Calendar:
7:00 MBA Mortgage Applications
8:30 Durable Goods
10:30 EIA Petroleum Inventories
11:30 Results of $13B, 2-Year FRN Auction
1:00 PM Results of $35B, 5-Year Note Auction

Notable earnings after today's close: AVGO, GES, WSM, WDAY

And tomorrow before the open: FLWS, DG, SJM, MIK, MOV, TIF

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