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Apple Today - 09/01/2015 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • September 1st 2015 09:22:40 AM

Good Morning,

Yikes, September starts off on a sour note! NASDAQ Futures are down 120 with -121 Fair Value, Dow Futures are down 438 on supposed "China" PMI report concerns", although curiously Futures are down far more than China closed, percentwise. UK stocks are down 2%. Oil stumbles again. After reporting a loss, DLTR looks like it will open down over 2 points.

Yesterday, AAPL opened around 112, a point lower than Friday's close, and continuously built up to 114 before reaching a peak at 114.45 at 12:28pm on moderate volume. After that AAPL slipped down back to 112.36 at 2:56pm on moderate volume before bouncing up to 113 and closing the intra-day session at 112.76. AAPL continued to slip in after-hours on relatively high volume and ended the session at 112.25, near the intra-day low.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened up just below 110, at 109.98, and then dropped to a low of 109.6 shortly after at 4:42am on relatively high volume. Over the next few hours AAPL recovered some ground reaching 110.63 by 7:18am on very high volume before heading back down towards 110 on even higher volume. AAPL is currently down a whopping 3.01 at 109.75.

Classic max-pain is 112.

China "concerns":

UK stocks down:

IMF Lagarde "sees" weak growth ahead:

Oil poll:

Buffet and Phillips 66:

Is Apple the next Netflix?

Apple TV in focus:

Apple and Cisco team up:

KeyRaider infects Chinese iPhones:

More on Google cars:

Fiat Chrysler continues hot streak:

Amazon revising Prime shipping:

LinkedIn revises messaging:

Samsung smartwatch can make calls without a phone?

Seagate launches 8-terabyte drives:

Marissa is expecting twins:

Ah, the sweet peak of science and technology:

2,000 year old stair-shaped podium discovered:

Powerful camera on a mission:

Another reason to get your beauty sleep:

Artificial joints pose risk:

Advancements in understanding Parkinson's:

Today's Economic Calendar:
Auto sales
8:30 Gallup US ECI
8:55 Redbook Chain Store Sales
9:45 PMI Manufacturing Index
10:00 ISM Manufacturing Index
10:00 Construction Spending
1:10 PM Fed's Rosengren: Economic Outlook

Notable earnings after today's close: AMBA, HRB, SCVL

And tomorrow before the open: NAV

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