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Apple Today - 09/08/2015 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • September 8th 2015 09:30:57 AM

Good Morning,

Welcome back after a long weekend. NASDAQ Futures are up 69 with +80 Fair Value, Dow Futures are up 256 on "optimistic comments" from Goldman Sachs on China and an early week rally in Chinese stocks, despite disappointing trade data.

Last week, AAPL started out on a high note, reaching a peak over 114 on Monday only to slide down to close at a low of mid-107 the very next day. Mid-week saw some recovery up to 112 and AAPL closed out the week under 110, at 109.27, down over 4 points or 3.55% for the week.

This morning in pre-market, AAPL opened up higher alongside Futures at 111.69 at 4:02am on low volume. AAPL quickly gained 112 and peaked at 112.25 before 6am on moderate volume. AAPL then dropped down to 110.9 at 8:04am in a bot pattern on incredibly high volume before bouncing back to mid-111 within 30 minutes on relatively high volume. AAPL is currently up 2.44 at 111.71.

Classic max-pain is 110. Apple's event is tomorrow.

Stocks up on China, German data for 2 different reasons:

US looking to open higher. Will it hold?

Sachs Schwartz on China:

What to do about the hike on the horizon:

What's the big Apple event tomorrow all about?

iPad changing?

Apple ad blocker concerns advertisers:

Apple wants to keep your data private:

Is Apple Watch working?

Amazon $50 tablet?

Uber story:

Facebook vs Google:

Smartphone manufacturers bet on features:

Too late, Nokia?

Stonehenge's Big Daddy discovered:

UFO = Unidentified Fiery Object?

Sorry, Fluffy does not need you:

Ants run circles around iPhone:

Vitamin C has multiple benefits:

Flu pointers:

Today's Economic Calendar:
6:00 NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
8:30 Gallup US Consumer Spending Measure
10:00 Labor market condition index
12:30 PM TD Ameritrade IMX
1:00 PM Results of $24B, 3-Year Note Auction
3:00 PM Consumer Credit

Notable earnings after today's close: AVNW, CASY, PLAY, FCEL, TIVO

And tomorrow before the open: BKS, CONN, MBUU, NX

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