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Apple Today 09/18/2015 OPEX (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • September 18th 2015 09:29:35 AM

Good Morning,

NASDAQ Futures are down 61 with -63 Fair Value, Dow Futures are down 239 on the "day after". Futures have been dropping as we approach the open. Yesterday, the Fed announced that interest rates would remain unchanged in light of concerns over the global economy. While this initially sparked a rally, the trend reversed as the "bots" returned. Adobe (ADBE) is down over 3% after reporting earnings yesterday after the bell.

AAPL hung around the mid-115 area where it opened and initially had a positive reaction to the Fed news, reaching a high of 116.49 at 3:02pm on moderate volume, though volatility increased dramatically and AAPL began trading with violent swings as we saw in previous days. The last hour saw a rapid dramatic slide down 2 points to 113.71 just before the bell and AAPL bounced slightly to close the intra-day session at 113.92. After-hours saw a little green with AAPL clawing back slightly to close at 114.1.

This morning in premarket, AAPL opened up higher than yesterday's close but has been dropping under low volume with the exception of a large trade at 8am of 36,500 shares. AAPL has been continuing to drop and is near the pre-market low as we approach the open, down 1.42 at 112.5.

Classic max-pain is 116. Today is OPEX.

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