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Apple Today 09/23/2015 (AAPL)

seymour_greenz • September 23rd 2015 09:32:10 AM

Good Morning,

That's a little better. NASDAQ Futures are up 14 with +20 Fair Value, Dow Futures are up 44. China dropped again, Shanghai fell 2.1% and the Hang Seng dropped 3.4% on manufacturing data and more clues of an economic slowdown. On the other hand, European stocks are green after a rocky start and oil is up on stockpile data. US mortgage applications were up last week. Volkswagen seems to be stabilizing, though shares are down over 37% for the week. Pharmaceuticals such as Edwards Lifesciences Corp (EW), Allergan (AGN) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) are down 5%, 3% and 2% respectively on the heated resistance against high drug prices.

AAPL opened about a point lower yesterday than Monday's 115 close, suffering along with the "broader market", and sold down to 112.52 by 1:30pm on moderate volume bot sawtooth. Later in the afternoon, AAPL recovered about a point to close intra-day at 113.4. After-hours was stable and uneventful until the last hour when AAPL dropped an additional 30 cents to close at 113.1.

This morning in premarket, AAPL opened down at 113, hitting a low of 112.97 at 4:04am on low volume before quickly bouncing up to 114.25 within 45 minutes on low volume. AAPL settled in a tight range in the upper 113s for the rest of the morning until 8am when some decent volume came in and pushed AAPL up above 114 again, reaching 114.2 by 8:42am. AAPL is currently up 60 cents at 114.

Classic max-pain is 113.

The see-saw continues... China down, Europe up, and US?

Time to raise?

US mortgage apps up:

VW scandal could hurt German growth:

iPhone 6s, no contract please:

Apple Car motors ahead?

Siri is listening:

Upgrade to 6s on T-Mobile for $5 per month:

Upcoming Google event next week triggers discounted phones:

Facebook Instagram hits 400m:

Xiaomi gets in the China wireless service game:

You can Uber in China now:

NY issues 1st Bitcoin license:

Sad day for our Quirky friend:

Please keep your microbes to yourself:

See Saturn's dark side:

New record for QT:

Ridley Scott launches new movie about Mars:

Baby giraffe:

Drug price debate contines:

Today's Economic Calendar:
7:00 MBA Mortgage Applications
9:45 PMI Manufacturing Index Flash
10:30 EIA Petroleum Inventories
11:30 Results of $13B, 2-Year FRN Auction
1:00 PM Results of $35B, 5-Year Note Auction

Notable earnings after today's close: AMRK, FUL, SCS, WOR
And tomorrow before the open: ACN, KBH, OMN, SCHL

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